Products Multi Function Protection Relays

F-PRO Feeder Protection & Management Relays

F-PRO 215, 216, 235, 295 Feeder Protection & Management Relays
F-PRO 215, 216, 235, 295
Feeder Protection
& Management Relays

F-PRO 297, 298 Feeder Protection & Management Relays
F-PRO 297, 298
Feeder Protection
& Management Relays

  • F-PRO 215: Non-Directional Over Current Protecton Relay
  • F-PRO 216: Non-Directional Over Current Protection Relay with SEF
  • F-PRO 235: Directional Multifunction Protection Relay
  • F-PRO 295: Voltage and Frequency Protection Relay
  • F-PRO 297: Feeder Management Relay
  • F-PRO 298: Feeder Management Relay with Vsync

The F-PRO 200 family of numerical multifunction relays provide complete feeder protection with a wide range of protection functions suitable for transmission, distribution and industrial applications. This broad selection of relay functionality and hardware options allow customers to choose the best suited and most cost-effective solution for each application. High reliability comes from robust and field-proven design, as well as self-monitoring hardware and a software watchdog.

All F-PRO relays include metering, sequence of event (SOE) reporting with 1 ms time stamp resolution, high quality oscillography waveform capture and fault log facility for analysis. The intuitive and simple Windows-based Relay Control Panel software allows easy configuration and disturbance analysis. Communication options supporting serial and Ethernet interfaces, as well as multiple protocols, allow simplified system integration with substation control and SCADA systems.


  • Primary and back-up current, voltage and frequency protection for transmission and distribution equipment
  • Load shedding schemes based on frequency and rate-of-change of frequency elements
  • Restricted and sensitive earth fault protection
  • Two-stage breaker failure protection and breaker condition monitoring
  • Busbar protection for low voltage levels can be realized by interlocking schemes

Features and Benefits

  • IEC, ANSI and user-defined IDMTL curves and user-defined curve for all time grading and protection co-ordination
  • Complete user configurability of output contacts, status inputs and status LED indications on front panel
  • Second harmonic Inrush blocking and restraint
  • Two Stages of Instantaneous/ definite/ inverse time O/C setting
  • Definite time/ANSI decay characteristics for function reset provides protection for pecking/flashing faults

Flexible Communications

  • Serial and Ethernet interfaces with IEC60870-5-103, MODBUS, IEC 61850 communication protocols. DNP3 available on select models
  • Optional Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP), IEC 62439-3

Easy to Use and Maintain

  • Draw out construction
  • Site selectable 1A/5A CT rating
  • HMI with navigation and configuration keys and alpha numeric display
  • Intuitive Windows-based configuration and analysis software

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