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Based in Winnipeg, Canada our leading technology, engineering and customer support are the key to our success serving the protection industry. We look forward to providing innovative solutions to emerging protection needs and applications as the world power grid transforms in years to come.

ERLPhase TESLA Recorders

TESLA Recorders

Multi-timeframe power system disturbance recorders with advanced sampled values subscription, PMU and CDR capabilities.
ERLPhase Relays


Easy-to-use, intuitive relays which are "future ready" for next generation applications.
Integrated Protection & Monitoring For A Power System S-PRO: Sub-Harmonic Protection Relay - Protecting wind farms and series compensation transmission systems L-PRO: Transmission line protection I/O Expansion IED TESLA: Transmission and distribution fault, disturbance recording and phasor measurement TESLA SV: Recorders with IEC 61850 Sampled Values Subscription B-PRO: Bus Relay - Transmission and distribution bus and backup protection F-PRO: Feeder Relay - Distribution protection & management T-PRO: Transformer protection & load management


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  • EDIST - Electricity, Distribution, IS & Technology Conference
    May 30-Jun 1, 2023
    Toronto, ON
    Visit us in booth #17
    EDIST Website
  • PAC World
    Jun 26-29, 2023
    Glasgow, Scotland
    Visit us in booth #16
    PAC World Website
    Aug 6-10, 2023
    Acapulco, Mexico
    IEEE RVP Website
  • Alaska Power Annual General Meeting
    Aug 22-25, 2023
    Valdez, AK
    Alaska Power AGM Website
  • Hartigan Technical Conference
    Sept 19, 2023
    Westminster, CO
    Hartigan Website

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