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I/O Expansion

I/O Expansion

The I/O Expansion is a stand-alone digital input/output Expansion that supports 128 physical digital inputs (DIs), 15 output contacts, 128 subscription virtual channels for record triggering and 15 subscription virtual channels for output contact controls. The I/O Expansion uses IEC 61850 GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Event) station bus (8-1) enabled protocol to publish and subscribe the binary input/output messages with ERL Devices and other IEDs supporting IEC 61850 GOOSE subscriptions.

The I/O Expansion system consists primarily of the unit hardware and the TESLA Control Panel user interface software.

The I/O Expansion can be used to provide access to up to 128 digital input statuses to ERL relays and recorders, and any IED capable of IEC 61850 GOOSE subscription. By communicating these digital input statuses to multiple IED's in the network, and to SCADA, it expands access to such information while providing a more cost effective solution to adding additional IED's. It also reduces the problems associated with having these multiple IED's communicate with each other.

In the event of a loss in the GPS time source, the I/O Expansion generates and provides 1pps unmodulated IRIG-B signal across up to 5 connected IED's, thereby ensuring time synchronization across these IED's

Application with TESLA 4000
TESLA 4000 power system recorder has provision for up to 256 virtual inputs to receive and record the time and status of events contained in IEC 61850 GOOSE messages. Connect two ERL I/O IED's with one TESLA 4000 to get 256 additional status inputs.

Features and benefits

  • 128 digital input channels with event tracking which can be published as IEC 61850 GOOSE status messages
  • Up to 15 output contacts can be activated by GOOSE or DNP3 Binary Output triggers
  • Easy-to-use configuration and record management tools
  • IRIG –B time input - modulated or unmodulated. Supports IEEE 1344 extensions.
  • 5 IRIG-B system time sync outputs for common reference time sharing among connected IED's
  • 500 entry event log
  • SCADA support with DNP3, Modbus or IEC 61850 station bus protocol

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