Products Multi Function Protection Relays

F-PRO 215, 216, 235, 295 Feeder Protection Relays

F-PRO 215, 216, 235, 295 Feeder Protection Relays


  • Primary and back-up current, voltage and frequency protection for transmission and distribution equipment
  • Load shedding schemes based on frequency and rate-of-change of frequency elements
  • Restricted and sensitive earth fault protection
  • Two-stage breaker failure protection and breaker condition monitoring
  • Busbar protection for low voltage levels can be realized by interlocking schemes

Features and Benefits

  • IEC, ANSI and user-defined IDMTL curves and user-defined curve for all time grading and protection co-ordination
  • Complete user configurability of output contacts, status inputs and status LED indications on front panel
  • Second harmonic Inrush blocking and restraint
  • Two Stages of Instantaneous/ definite/ inverse time O/C setting
  • Definite time/ANSI decay characteristics for function reset provides protection for pecking/flashing faults

Flexible Communications

  • Serial and Ethernet interfaces with IEC60870-5-103, MODBUS, IEC 61850 communication protocols. DNP3 available on select models
  • Optional Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP), IEC 62439-3

Easy to Use and Maintain

  • Draw out construction
  • Site selectable 1A/5A CT rating
  • HMI with navigation and configuration keys and alpha numeric display
  • Intuitive Windows-based configuration and analysis software

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