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B-PRO 4000 Multi-Busbar Protection System

B-PRO 4000 Multi-Busbar Protection System

The B-PRO 4000 Multi-Busbar relay provides protection for any bus bar configuration with 3 differential zones and a check zone. Its scalable architecture allows flexibility to use the most cost effective hardware combinations, based on the actual number of zones and number of current inputs in the bus system. For example, protection for 23 feeders plus one bus tie breaker can be provided using four B-PRO 4000 relays communicating with each other.

The B-PRO 4000 Multi-Busbar system provides current differential bus protection, circuit breaker failure protection, end fault protection, backup over current protection, independent check zone, open CT and advanced saturation detection for EHV bus-bars. It provides control, automation, metering, monitoring, fault oscillography, event logging, and dynamic swing recording, with advanced communications in a flexible cost effective package.

  • Easy to use, intuitive setting and analysis software
  • Dynamic Bus Replica
  • Integrated Breaker Fail Protection with single phase initiation, End Zone Protection and Over Current Protection for each input current
  • Isolator and CB status monitoring and alarming
  • Delta Phase and Rate of Change of Differential (ROCOD) algorithms provide enhanced security during external faults with heavy CT saturation
  • Use 1 x B-PRO 4000 relay for every 6 x 3-phase CT inputs configured for the bus differential element
  • High quality fault recording and event log
B-PRO 4000 - Double Bus Application Topology

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