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Product Application Notes
TESLA Multi-timeframe Power System Recorder Role of Input Modules for TESLA DFR - Understand the needs of input modules (277KB)

Exporting Records to COMTRADE Using RecordGraph (575KB)

Disabling Cooperative Group Setting in TESLA 3000 and 4000 (1.0MB)

Converting TESLA 4003 Setting Files For Use on TESLA 4000 and TESLA 3000 (836KB)

Basic Instructions to Communicate with TESLA (4.3MB)

TESLA 4000 DFR/DDR Compliance with NERC PRC-002-RFC-01 (606KB)

Installation Instructions for RecordBase Central Station (1.1MB)

Overcoming Issues with Regional Configuration Settings on RecordBase Central Station (913KB)

Calibration of Analog Input Channels (635KB)

Fixing a Corrupt TESLA Recorder Config File (672KB)

Saving TESLA IED Information When Running a TESLA Control Panel Uninstall (1.3MB)

Using the TELSA 4000 DFR to Detect Transformer Saturation Due to GIC (512KB)

TESLA 4000 Communications Configuration Application Note (2.4MB)

Using the TESLA 4000 DFR to Detect Transmission Line Open Conductors (6.5MB)

Using the TESLA Power System Recorder at Wind Farm Locations (332KB)

TESLA Recorder Power Metering Setup - Configuration for 3 and 2 Element Watt/VAR Metering (684KB)

Establishing a TESLA Cooperative Group (348KB)

Setting the TESLA Digital Fault Recorder (624KB)

Capturing Residual Current in TESLA Records (256KB)

Local and Wide Area Cross-Triggering of TESLA Disturbance Recording Systems (737KB)

Transferring TESLA IED Control Panel Information to a New Computer (664KB)

TESLA 3000 DFR Compliance with NERC standards (53KB)

Accessing Multiple Remote Recorders on a Single Modem Call (870KB)

Accessing Multiple Remote Recorders on a Single Modem Call using Rugged Server™ (2.16MB)
Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) Convert TESLA 3000 to PMU MID-WEST-ISO Presentation (2.5MB)

Roles of PMUs in Wide Area Monitoring and Control (1.2MB)
B-PRO Bus Protection Relay Bus Differential Function Settings (943KB)
L-PRO Transmission Line Protection Relay Evaluation of L-PRO 4000 for End-to-End Communication (635KB)

Parallel Line Mutual Coupling Compensation in the L-PRO Relay (248KB)

Performing Load Encroachment with an L-PRO (216KB)

Enabling Dynamic Swing Recording (556KB)

Ring Bus Capability (89KB)

Improving the Operation of Multi-Breaker Terminals (493KB)

Using a Distance Relay as a "Mini-DFR" for Small Transmission Substations (994KB)
S-PRO Sub-Harmonic Protection Relay Understanding Sub-Harmonics (1.1MB)
T-PRO Transformer Protection Relay T-PRO Application in Reactor Protection Using Neutral Differential and Timed Over-Current Back-up Protection (773KB)

Protecting Against Transformer Overload (464KB)

Using Overload Early Warning (592KB)

Relay & Recorder Using Hyperterminal to Fix Firmware Upgrade and Record File Download on Relays and Recorders (925KB)

IEC 61850 Interoperability Test Example Using ERLPhase Relays (445KB)

Communicating to an ERLPhase Relay via a SEL 2032 Communications Processor (1.3MB)

Connecting Multiple ERLPhase Relays and Recorders to an IRIG-B Clock Source (1KB)

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