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October 2013 - Transition to 4000 Series Protection Relays
ERLPhase is pleased to announce to our relay customers that our 4000 series of protection products is now complete, including the addition of the F-PRO 4000 and the advanced B-PRO 4000 Multibus Protection Relay. Customers used to purchasing our older generation protection relays will experience a seamless transition and increased functionality with the purchase of 4000 series relays.

T-PRO 8700 Transformer Protection Relay

T-PRO 8700 Transformer Protection & Monitoring Relay

The T-PRO 8700 provides complete transformer fault and overload protection, DFR quality fault oscillography, sequence of event logging, trend recording, transformer monitoring and overload early warning (TOEWS) in a fully integrated protective relay solution.


  • 5 sets of CT inputs for differential protection
  • Software control compensates current magnitude and angle
  • Protection functions include IEEE devices 87, 87N, 49, 67, 50/51, 50N/51N, 24INV/DEF, 59N, 60, 81, THD, 27, Temperature Control and TOEWS©
  • ProLogic - 10 control logic statements
  • Asset management to maximize use of transformer capacity (ANSI/IEEE C57.91-1995)
Recording, Monitoring and Metering
  • High quality recording - fault recording (96 samples/cycle), 30 to 600 day load trending and event logging (1 ms)
  • Adaptive overload - auto-adjust overload characteristics based on temperature
  • Controlled load management
  • Transformer Overload Early Warning System (TOEWS ©) with predictive 15 and 30 minute alarms
  • Through fault monitoring
Substation Automation - Ethernet Ready
  • Direct-connect DNP3 and Modbus SCADA communication protocols
  • Three communication RS-232 ports
  • IRIG-B time stamping and sample synchronization
  • Standard 10 Base T Ethernet Port
  • Optional internal modem
Easy to Use
  • Easy to use, simplified relay setting and record analysis software (Windows® 2000/XP) included
  • Intuitive ASCII-terminal interface provides full local or remote access

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