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October 2013 - Transition to 4000 Series Protection Relays
ERLPhase is pleased to announce to our relay customers that our 4000 series of protection products is now complete, including the addition of the F-PRO 4000 and the advanced B-PRO 4000 Multibus Protection Relay. Customers used to purchasing our older generation protection relays will experience a seamless transition and increased functionality with the purchase of 4000 series relays.

B-PRO 8700 Bus Protection Relay (3 Phase)

B-PRO 8700 Bus Protection Relay (3 Phase)

The B-PRO 8700 provides bus and substation differential protection (low impedance) with CT saturation security, integrated breaker failure and overcurrent protection with, DFR quality fault oscillography and dynamic swing recording, sequence of events logging, SCADA control and metering in a fully integrated protective relay solution.


  • 6 sets of CT inputs for differential protection (18 currents) using percentage slope characteristic for security on external faults. Low impedance design allows different CT ratios for each of the 6 inputs
  • Backup overcurrent and breaker failure for each input current. User defined directional control of overcurrent functions for networked lines. Apply 3 phase voltages to apply over/under voltage and frequency functions.
  • Protection functions include IEEE devices 87B, 27, 59, 60, 81, 87T, 50LS, 50BF, 50/51/67, 50N/51N/67, 46/50/51/67
  • 1 or 2 separate differential zones - bus and transformer or Bus 1 and Bus 2 for multiple buses
  • ProLogic - control logic statements
Recording, Monitoring and Metering
  • High quality recording - fault recording (96 samples/cycle), dynamic swing recording (1 sample/cycle), and event logging (1 ms resolution)
  • Metering functions for each input connection
Substation Automation - Ethernet Ready
  • Direct-connect DNP3 and Modbus SCADA communication protocols
  • 3 communication RS-232 ports
  • IRIG-B time stamping and sample synchronization
  • 30 virtual inputs for local remote control
  • Standard 10 Base T Ethernet Port
  • Optional internal modem
Easy to Use
  • Easy to use, simplified relay setting and record analysis software (Windows® 2000/XP) included
  • Intuitive ASCII-terminal interface provides full local or remote access

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